• Shipping in the EU

Shipping costs £3.50 and takes between 3-7 working days. Everything is made-to-order so we need a bit longer than your average retailer to get your wares to you. We hope it’s worth the wait.

  • We can’t ship any faster

Printing your design takes a couple of days, so we can’t do next day or first class delivery. Sit tight and your not-so-fast-fashion will be with you in about a week.

  • Shipping outside the EU

Shipping costs a flat rate of £3.50 wherever you are. But if you’re ordering from outside the EU, it might take 7-14 days for your order to arrive.

  • All sales are final

We print everything to order, so unless there’s something terribly wrong with the item you ordered, all sales are final.

We’re a tiny minnow of a business at the moment, so that’s the best we can do. If there’s been a fuck-up with your item, please email with your:

  • Order number

  • Email you used to order

  • A photo of the offending garment

I’m not your mum (although I bet she’s lovely) so remember you’re responsible for getting the faulty item back to our warehouse. Unworn and unwashed. 💌